How can schools make their lunches more eco friendly?



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    Schools can make their lunches more eco-friendly by using reusable containers and utensils.  Other suggestions include increasing recycling efforts, which can even be done as a method of educating the students.  Additional ideas can be to distribute food in different size portions, as to avoid any food being thrown away.

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    There are many measures a school can take to make their lunches more eco friendly.  They just need to have the motivation and hopefully some help from their funding.  Some of the way schools can make their lunches more eco friendly include making their food with organic or enviromentally friendly growers or buy plates, cups, etc made with environmentally friendly products.  They could also try to change the contents of vending machines in schools to include more eco friendly snacks.

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    Buying locally grown foods would help.  They are usually better for the environment and organic.  It would also benefit the community, which schools are generally interested in doing.

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    I know my old school took away trays half way through my freshman year. This helped reduce food waste and saved water from not having to wash the trays.  They also grew some of the food they used to cook with. 

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    Washing their own dishes would probably be the best option.  Otherwise, there are new compostable plates and utensils that can be reused as mulch for a school garden. 

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