How can school children help protect the environment?



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    One of the best ways for school children to help the environment is to learn about it! A great learning resource provding an array of websites where kids can play, learn, and interact is Earth Easy, found at:

    Depending on what theory of child development you ascribe to, the environment can be presented to children in many different ways. It is largely the responsibilty of the school or teacher to ensure that children can understand matters of waste, energy saving, and healthy food choices that contribute to the health of the environment. A school or teacher can promote understanding of these issues by enforcing policies at their school or in their classroom. Sorry to suggest yet another link, but there are many texts for various age groups that promote environmentalism. You can find them here at Amazon:

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    It takes good teachers who are also concerned about the environment. I remember during my years as an elementary student I had a teacher who cared very much for the environment and wildlife. She made a program called the “Color Cats” (she loved cheetahs and ocelots) and had has go around the school collecting recycables (paper, aluminan cans, etc.). My favorite part of the program was helping out in the garden, I loved to plant flowers and make bird feeders. I would like to see something like that happen more often in schools.

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