How can saving energy help save lives?



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    One way saving energy can help save lives is that energy conservation can cut down on pollution. Pollution of various kinds are dangerous for both human health and animal health. Pollution can happen from a variety of sources: water, electricity, fossil fuels, etc.

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    Like tigerlily11 said, energy conservation will help to reduce pollution, a major contributor to global warming. Though many may not know the importance of it, global warming is slowly beginning to creep up on us each day, and human activities are one of the main causes. Pollution also greatly affects our health. Driving and mining, for instance, release large amounts of carbon dioxide. As humans, we breathe in this air all the time. Pollution puts us at risk for respiratory problems and problems associated with eyesight. Deforestation destroys animal life and habitats. Additionally, by conserving energy, a great deal of money can be saved each year.

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