How can Save the Plastic Bag Coalition claim to be “pro-environment” if they are opposed to plastic bag bans?

Do you think it is a legitimate argument that banning plastic bags can, in fact, be more harmful to the environment than allowing them?



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    I’ve heard plastic bag proponents argue that because plastic disposable bags are manufactured in the United States, they have less carbon emissions than reusable plastic bags that are manufactured in China, which must travel farther. I think this is an interesting argument, but don’t think it begins to outweigh the environmental effects of those millions of bags.

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    It is not difficult to argue that plastic is better for the environment than paper. There are valid pluses and minuses on both sides. See the link for one good answer (there are many that address paper vs plastic here on greenanswers).

    If the question is plastic vs a reusable bag that will serve for years, that’s a different story, of course.

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