How can Sarah Palin doubt human-caused climate change when she’s from Alaska?



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    Sarah Palin isn’t a scientist, she’s a politician, so her ‘scientific views’ are derivative of her ideology.  She sees the “climate change movement” as a left-wing attempt to insinuate government participation into private affairs under the guise of helping the environment.  Her views on climate change have little to do with her Alaskan residence and much to do with opposing the stance of the Democrats. 

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    Although the majority of Alaskans believe that climate change is caused primarily by human activity, Sarah Palin “would not attribute it to being man-made.”  She believes climate change is happening, just that humans haven’t caused it.  She also doesn’t think it’s much of an issue and that the economic crisis is more urgent.

    Palin sees Alaska as being a place that has always been rich in energy (read: oil) and thus prosperity.  What she doesn’t seem to see is that there’s a price to pay for all the oil and it’s the environment and eventually humans who will have to pick up the tab.

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