How can salt be used to clean?



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    Salt can be used to cleanse your body, but ideally you want to use seal salt, not the processed iodized salt.   There is the Salt Water Flush, an intestinal cleanse, that definitely gives results.  You drink a quart of warm water mixed with 1 or 2 teaspoons of salt, and hope that no one else in your household wants to use the bathroom for a few hours.  

    My boyfriend’s family also puts salt in fresh wounds.  The idea is that the salt will draw out any impurities.   

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    Salt is a gritty substance that can be used to scrub away dead skin without being too harsh. If you are looking to clean something besides your skin, I recommend making a cream scrub out of borax and baking soda. I first heard about it at the Cool Davis Festival, and I found that it works wonders on stainless steel and chrome. Plus, you can choose your own essential oils to add. The essential oils can kill bacteria, keep away ants, or ward off flying bugs. It all depends on your cleaning goals!

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    Salt can be used liberally when cleaning — no worries about too much sodium here!  Check out the following uses (just a few of the many):

    • Add salt to greasy pots and pans.  The salt will soak up the excess grime so you don’t have to use as much elbow grease to get it off
    • Same goes for the oven.  Spill something in the bottom that you know’ll take forever to get up?  Simply pour some salt over the spill and when the oven’s cool, wipe up with a wet rag
    • Dirty coffee mug?  Pour salt on the peel of a lemon and rub the stained edges (or inside of the mug) until the stains come up (limes work just the same.  Save a few of those (unused) slices and have yourself a tasty margarita with salt rimmed edges!)
    • Spill oil or grease of any kind on wooden counters?  Same as the oven and pans, pour some salt on the spills, let the salt soak in and then brush away once the stain has dried
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