How can rice be used as fuel?



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    Yes! With the proper techniques, rice hulls can be burned and used for power steam engines. Some rice mills originally disposed of hulls in this way. The direct combustion of rice hulls tends to produce a lot of smoke. A far better alternative is to gasify rice hulls. Rice hulls are easily gasified in top-lit updraft gasifiers. The combustion of this rice hull gas produces a beautiful blue flame, and rice hull biochar makes a wonderful soil amendmen. 

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    There are actually several million vehicles around the world that already use rice as a fuel. In China, where rice is a common fuel, these vehicles are called 自行 or “zìxíngchē.” The rice is put into a Homo sapien which converts it to energy through a serious of complex chemical reactions. The process is quite fascinating. Homo sapiens can function as vehicles on their own, but a 自行车 greatly improves their efficiency. To keep a Homo sapien in good working condition, one must add additional fuels. Thankfully, these fuels are easily available in many countries, and one can obtain them from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and even animals.

    I use a 自行车 and I love it! We call them bicycles where I live.

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