how can rhino poaching be stopped?



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    Many steps can be taken to stop rhino poaching, most of them involving private cooperation with the government. (Many rhinos live on private property.) Greater enforcement of poaching laws is necessary to stop rhino poaching, but individuals can also take action. Educating people and spreading the word about the threat that rhinos face is also essential. There are many campaigns out there devoted to publicizing rhino poaching and agitating for tougher anti-poaching legislation. The following link takes you to a page with a list of steps and sites you can take to help stop rhino poaching:

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    Rhino poaching will probably never be stopped. It can, however, be reduced. On the first link below, you can adopt a Sumatran Rhino. Details are on that link. Also, you can donate to the International Rhino Foundation.

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    many previous answers

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    One odd thing was that while Viagra replaced the demand for many erectile dysfunction animal parts, rhino horn is not actually used as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine. This means that the tale of how Viagra reduced rhino poaching is an urban legend.

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