How can restaurants make themselves environmentally friendly?



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    Restaurants could invest in energy efficient machinery, recycled cookware, recycling bins, composting, etc. They could use local, sustainable, and organic products, and so on. There are many ways.

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    For restaurants to become environmentally friendly, they need to act like a home owner who is trying to be more eco-friendly, just on a much larger scale. 

    Composting all appropriate wastes, donating left over foods to food banks (when still edible, fresh, safe), buying local and organic to reduce their impact of oil and pesticides, recycling all recyclables, eliminating styrofoam containers or take-away mugs, use renewable energy to power the restaurant, use natural light as much as possible, outdoor dining, location situated as near to source of food as possible, incorporate an organic farm into the process to have a constant steady supply with incentives to the farmer.  There are many progressive, ingenious, ideas that you could come up with just sitting and brainstorming.

    The link below is a listing of many environmentally conscious restaurants throughout the USA.

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    In addition to the great suggestions above, restaurants can install high-efficiency toilets, use energy-saving windows, cut down on air conditioning during the warmer months and heating when it’s colder, use cloth napkins instead of paper, not provide plastic bags with to-go boxes, pay employees and their bills electronically, or grow their own herbs on site.

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