How can recycling positively and negatively impact the economy?



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    When we recycle and throw thrash in the correct place the economy can be helped alot. When we recycle, we can save natural resources, save energy, save the environment and adds value on to the economy. Recycing reuses employment figures in Pennsylvania are 18,322 jobs with an annual payroll of $2,9 billion. Recycling saves energy to a light (a 60-watt bulb) for 26 hours. Recycing saves glass and 9 gallons of oil and save just one can from the landfill & you can save enough electricity to a light a 100-watt bulb for 3 1/2 hours. 

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    jchang14 covered the positive end of it very well. On the negative side, recycling still consumes a lot of energy. It often uses a lot less energy than manufacturing brand-new (virgin) materials, but it is even better to re-use a product than to melt it down completely for recycling. Milk bottles are one item that has been historically been collected, washed, and re-used. Unfortunately, many places do not offer re-usable milk bottles. However, there are some local delivery services that deliver products in re-usable glass jars and pick them up later so that they can be washed and refilled. In Canada, beer bottles are standardized so that they can be sanitized and refilled. Washing a bottle takes a lot less energy than melting it down completely.

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