How can energy efficiency provide green jobs?



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    Converting older infrastructure and technology to more efficient technology will provide many new jobs, technicians will need to become trained and certified in installing new equipment and servicing it. Also, dismantling and actually replacing the old equipment will require manpower and will occur over a long period of time, providing additional jobs.

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    Green jobs in energy are created in many different areas. They can include jobs in construction, architecture, and engineering. At the entry level, it may involve weatherization, like installing things for insulation and whiteroofing. People could also choose to get trained in LEED and BPI so that with those credentials they may be a project manager or administrator for a construction site. You could also choose to become an energy auditor who goes to peoples homes to perform energy audits (this tells the homeowner all the ways how they could become more energy efficient). Check out the links below for more info.

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