how can people keep the environment clean?



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    As an individual, you probably can’t do much about the carbon emmissions and industrial waste of large corporations.  Really, the only behavior you can control is your own.  Here are some easy ways you can adjust your lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly.

    -If you don’t already, start recycling in your home.  Depending on where you live, your city may offer recycling pick-up services.  If not, simply keep your recyclables organized by material (paper, plastic, metal) until you are able to bring them to a recycling center.  Keeping your recyclables clean and not contaminated is very important to ensure that everything can be recycled properly.  Do a little bit of research to make sure that you know what materials may be kept together.

    -Reuse as much of your “waste” material as you can.  Find creative new uses for old packaging and old items you no longer use for their original purposes.  There are lots of great craft guides online for virtually any object and material.

    -Become less dependant on your car.  Invest in a good bicycle, and use public transport like buses and subways for longer distances.  For super long trips, try to start using trains instead of airplanes.  Trains use less fuel than airplanes, and can generally carry more people per trip.

    -Buy locally grown, organic produce that is indigenous to the area.  Buying local keeps your food mileage low, and buying indigenous produce ensures that there are no extra energy-using methods in the growing process, like hot houses.

    -Don’t litter.  Don’t even think about it.  Get in the habit of holding on to your trash, even the tinest pieces, until you get to a trash bin.  

    -Unplug your electronics when you are not using them.  Even if your computer is fully charged and plugged in to its charger, the wall plug itself can still drain small amounts of energy from the electrical outlet.  Imagine how much energy we could save if everyone got into the habit of keeping their devices unplugged when not in use.

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    people can keep the environment clean by starting useing th unusfull things and make them usefull!

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