How can people improve the problem of threatened/endangered species?



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    The World Wildlife Fund is the biggest wildlife conservation foundation in the world, and they offer a variety of ways for ordinary people to get involved in protecting endangered species. For instance, join the WWF Conservation Action Network and they’ll send you email action alerts on breaking issues and let you send free personalized messages to policy makers. Or give a financial gift that helps save some of the world’s vulnerable species from extinction. You can even symbolically “adopt” one of 90 species by donating a certain amount.

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    Awareness is definitely a powerful tool, but cloning technology is a very good solution for taking endangered species and quickly re-upping their population. Nowadays, zoos will keep endangered animals in safety, let them breed, and sometimes release them back into the wild.

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    Learning the behaviour of these animals can help a lot. Some of the animals have very long gestation period and when one is eliminated, it takes some years to replace it. Some of them too are being endagered because of some human activities such as bush burning, excarvation of soil, use of chemicals (especially industrial wastes discharged into water bodies). These activities when put to a halt will go a long way in ameliorating the problem of endangering some species.

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