How can people grow larger flowers or crops without using fertilizer?



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    Plant growth is determined by multiple factors and is essentially goverened by Liebigs Law of the Minimum (a plant will grow at whatever rate or to whatever size the least available resource allows). Plants need sufficient water, light and a host of different nutrients. So, even if you give a plant more light and more water, it wont necessarily grow any taller, bigger or faster if it is still low on nutrients.

    There are alternatives to synthetic fertilizers that people have been using since the dawn of agriculture, namely animal manure and compost from other green matter, which is great for plants and helps to give back to the soil the nutrients that the harvested crops took out.

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    Implementing a raised bed system in your garden is one of the easiest ways to increase yield. This technique ensures rich soil, improved draining, and more control over the environment of your garden. By simply planning and designing a garden, constructing a frame, and filling it with organic soil, you can create a truly productive garden.

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