How can paying with cash help people be healthier?



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    There are a few reasons why paying with cash can indeed promote a healthy life and body by reducing stress levels. Using cards to purchase can easily lead to overspending, over-shopping, and higher debt due to the ease of availability of capital those methods offer. In fact, credit cards encourage the shopper to overspend as much as possible, gaining profits from consumer debt. High debt leads to a number of health concerns, including high blood pressure. Using cash puts the shopper in control rather than the bank or credit card company, and gives the shopper a more realistic conception of their spending. The result is a reduction in stress and an overall benefit to mental health and financial stability.

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    Cash payments encourage exercise, simply put!

    Cash is also less taxing on the environment, believe it or not.  The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) used to make credit cards (1.6 billion credit, debit and ATM cards in 2007) uses as much as 45,000 barrels of oil – and that’s just in manufacturing.  Also account for the loyalty cards, gift cards, etc. and you’ve got a lot of fossil fuel being spent on our ‘easy’ way to pay.  The Slate article cited below is a fantastic read on the subject.

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