How can overfishing of one species effect others?



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    In order for an ecosystem to flourish, it is important that a balance of species populations remains steady to ensure that the food supply and plant life remains plentiful but stable. Overfishing of any particular species throws off this balance and in turn affects other species of fish and other sea-dwelling organisms and plants.

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    Yes, invariably the species of fish is part of a food web.  It may be relied on as not only a source of food for one species, but may be needed to keep the population of another species in check.  When a species disappears, it effects both it’s predators and it’s prey and can throw off an entire eco system.

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    All creatures are part of a larger food chain.  If one species is removed from the chain/web, everything changes and adjusts to balance it back out again. It’s kind of like in science how every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  

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