How can our recycling efforts become more efficient?



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    Education is a very high priority.  Having more and more people exposed to the benefits and necessity of recycling will help it become more efficient.  With more people involved, there will be a higher interest in getting recycling centers and recycling bins available everywhere.  You want to imprint the idea of recycling in a person’s mind so that he treats recycling with the same importance as throwing trash away in trash cans.

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    While it is certainly important to consider how we can become better at recycling, I think it might be more important to consider how we can become better at reducing our “waste” products. If you remember the saying you may have learned when you were a kid, ” re-duce, re-use, re-cycle” I think this little slogan has a lot of truth to it. We need to seriously reduce the amount of resources and materials we consume, and figure out a way to re-use, over and over again, those that we do need. When we are much better at these first two steps, recycling will hopefully become a non-issue.

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    One way to increase recycling efficiency is to work with those who design and manufacture consumer goods to ensure that products are designed for easy recycling.  For example, Dell computers has changed their design so that computer towers are easier and faster to dismantle, making the recycling process more efficient.  This is a principle of product stewardship, which asks producers to share the responsibility for the end of life management of their products.  For more information on product stewardship, visit the links provided.

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    Sometimes all it takes is mentioning it.  A friend of mine at work harassed his apartment complex about the importance of recycling until they finally implemented it.  I was inspired, but am slightly less assertive so I just brought up the idea to my apartment complex and checked in with them on occasion.  In less than a year, a new recycling program was implemented.  I did the same thing with two of my last employers and it took even less time to get them into action.

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