How can one person make a world wide difference in the environment?



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    All it takes in all the people in the world to do what they can to make a difference. Walking, taking public transportation, carpooling are ways to help reduce carbon emissions. Eating locally and organically, bringing your own bags to the grocery store and supporting local businesses also helps. READ! There are so many resources out there!!! One person will never be able to save the world! Everyone needs to pitch in to make their life a little more environmentally friendly. Besides making these changes for yourself, getting others to make the changes as well, will be the way that ‘one’ person can make a world wide difference in the world.

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    Sometimes it can be as simple and as brilliant as one idea. And sometimes all one person can do is do their own little bit. Either way, caring, and acting upon that care, is an important step in the desired direction.

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    Think globally, act locally–and act often, in WRITING.  The pen is mightier than the sword, and its effects last MUCH longer!  Every little, tiny green idea you get:  put it out there into the Universe, the Web of All-That-Is, the Noosphere (as defined by Teihard de Chardin).  Put out a Tweet.  A little note on your Facebook page for all to read. Throw it out to all your Linkd-In, Tagged, Classmates people.  Throw it into your blog–even if it’s just a sentence that’s out of context, just a random thought!  Email the thought to a number of your contacts.  In all these ways, if even 1-2% of the readers pass it on, the growth of the idea will become exponential really quickly.

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    For one person to actually make a big difference, he or she would probably have to be a world leader or decision-maker in a major corporation/etc. If the president of a major country, for example, were to go green, that would make a big impact. If the CEO of a large retailer…for privacy purposes, let’s say…Malwart…were to make greening his or her company a top priority, well, you can see where I’m going with this…

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