How can old people, the people who have money, be influenced to help the environment?



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    Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think your question necessarily directed towards “old people” but in more accurately in the people who have money.
    Well, Guest, a lot of people who have money are already influenced to help the environment. I big name in helping the environment is not only an old and rich person he is a rich and old politician named Al Gore. Al Gore created, The Inconvenient Truth, which raised awareness to a mass of citizens. 

    Another big name is Leonardo DiCaprio and is an Eco-Geek.

    The link below is a list of old and rich people who are claimed to be the voted top 50 people to save our planet.  

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    Do you  mean older generations of people who tend to be more conservative in resisting the green movement?  There are a lot of wealthy people who are investing in green campaigns and endorsing them.  Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, Salma Hayek, Leonardo DiCaprio are all environmentalist.  Outside the celebrity actor circle, there are older, wealthy musicians, business people, etc. who also help stimulate an influence. 


    For those who aren’t already contributing, we can encourage more of that demomgraphic by giving them incentives that matter to them.  We have to understand what they like and don’t like.  If they are wealthy, how did they become wealthy? By saving $$? Show them how being an environmentalist can save $$.  Did they acquire wealth by investing? Show them the potential rewards and ROI for investing in environmental initiatives.

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