How can old clothes and fabrics be recycled?



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    The simplest way to recycle textiles is by reusing them creatively in your own home.  Examples include quilt-making, sewing old fabrics together to make new cothes, and using the fabric as cleaning rags.  If this doesn’t seem like a realistic option for you, then you can donate old clothes (even really threadbare ones) to non-profit organizations such as Salvation Army and Goodwill.  They will sell the reusable items to the public, and the rest to a “rag-sorting” organization that specializes in recycling difficult fabrics.

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    tmtobias listed some great ways to recycle old clothing.  In addition, clothing recycling programs are be developed by some companies, such as Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative.  Clothing that has the Common Threads Initiative tag can be returned to Patagonia who will melt the clothing down (if polyester or nylon) and form it into new cloth or, for cotton and wool, the clothing will be cut into small pieces and spun into fiber to be reused.  Hopefully the Common Threads Initiative will be available in 2011. 

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    All above are great answers! I’ve always been a fan of donating unwanted clothes, if they aren’t hole-y or ruined. My family always used the Vietname Veterans of America, because they did house pick-ups, though they arent available in every state. The second link has more links to other clothing donation orgainizations, and information on how to use your donation for a tax deduction, should you so desire.

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    Donating to the Salvation Army or Goodwill is another good way to get rid of old clothes. The links listed should be able to help you find a place to drop off unwanted clothes.

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    Definitely donate your unwanted clothes. There are certain places that even buy your clothes from you, or give you store credit for your unwanted clothes. In Austin there is a store called Buffalo Exchange where you can sell, buy and trade clothing. It is pretty amazing.

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    Cut your old clothes into little squares to make patches for other items that rip, cut them into medium-sized squares to make a quilt, or cut them into large squares to make couch pillows. Of course, you can also donate your clothes to a charitable organization, or even trade in your clothes at a consignment store and get new-used clothes!

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