How can Obama use the his position as president to help the environment for years to come?



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    Obama can leave a lasting environmental legacy by advocating for the environment while he is in office. One particularly good way of doing this would be to introduce and support legislation that protects the environment (and not just greenwashing!) This way, once Obama is no longer our president, the laws passed to protect the environment will remain in place and continue to do his work. Also, by vocally advocating for the environment, he will be remembered as a president who cared for the environment, and perhaps his successors will want to continue that legacy.

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    The President is one of the most important, if not the most important person in the environmental movement. They dictate which direction the environmental movement will head. Obama has a choice whether or not to cater to businesses or more towards environmentalists. I believe that Obama is trying to balance the values of both. 

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