How can the new touchpad’s be used to make your life more eco friendly?



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    I think that tablets can really make your life more ecofriendly.  Since it can go virtually anywhere, there is no need to print anything.  If you find a recipe, you can just place the tablet on the counter while you are cooking, rather than printing it out.  You can also do the same thing with directions, if you don’t have a gps.  

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    The obvious eco friendly benefit to the growing frequecy of tablets is the decreased need to print anything, as mcoffey first mentioned.  Consider how much paper and ink we can save in the schools and workplaces if our students and workers had a tablet instead of who knows how many documents and worksheets we have grown accustomed to recieveing.  The tablet, as it grows in use, will combat paper waste to the great benefit our environment.  In a few years, when tablets are as common as cell phones, the photocopier will hopefully go the way of the VCR.

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