How can natural barriers protecting the Great Lakes be restored?



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    This is a great question.  I am from Toledo, Ohio.  My city is right on Lake Eire and as you probably know, that lake is a total mess right now.  Pollution, building, and farming have destroyed that lake, along with much of the other Great Lakes.  What can we do to help protect them?

    1.) Obviously lower pollution.  When we pollute, we ruin the food web of the water by killing off animals and plants.  We also turn the water toxic (which doesn’t help anyone).

    2.) Keep the coastline natural.  The best way to help stop mass erosion and land loss is to keep the areas on lakeside natural.  Things like tree roots, shrubs, and natural lake grasses help keep the soil locked in place, as well as act as a natural filtration system for the water.  

    3.) For more information you can visit Restore Our Great Lakes.  A site dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the lakes. (Link is at the bottom) 


    Hope this helped! 

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