How can manufacturers be persuaded to not use excess packaging material?



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    Companies can be persuaded to by government incentives to reduce the amount of non-green packing material that they use, however essentially the responsibilty to make that change is on the company itself. There are eco-friendly alternatives to normal packing material such as newspaper, but those changes need to be implemented by the company.

    Oh also, I’ve attached a link to a previously answered similar question.

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    You can also provide feedback with your money—don’t purchase items that are overly-packaged, and look for items from companies that are making an effort to reduce packaging.  You can also buy in bulk, and bring your own containers to the store for produce, rather than using plastic bags or buying packaged produce.  Writing letters to offending companies is also a good idea—let them know that you are not purchasing their products and why they should reduce the amount of packaging, and who knows, you may have an impact on their packaging practices.

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    Redbird is correct. If you see something that is packaged excessively, either let the company know that you are not satisfied or refuse to purchase that product. Also, bringing your own bags to the grocery store is a simple way to eliminate the opportunity for a bagger to use excessive amounts of bags.

    There have been efforts to get this done abroad, as well. The government of Canada has actually taken steps to address this issue. Please see the provided link for further information.

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    I definitely agree that voting with your wallet, in conjunction with informing the company as to why they’re losing your business are both effective ways. Reducing packaging often makes more fiscal sense for the company anyway – less packaging means less money spent on packaging. I think reduced will definitely catch on over time – in the EU, for instance, regulation already requires manufacturing companies to recycle 60% of their packaging waste. For more tips on what you can do as a consumer, see the article below.

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    When you buy products from, you can rate the packaging online once you receive your shipment, which lets the company know that there is a demand for more efficient packaging. Let companies know if you think their packaging is excessive or unnecessary, and consciously choose products that are packaged efficiently. Bring your own bags to grocery stores, tell the cashier that you don’t need a bag if you’ve only purchased a couple of items, and buy nuts and grains in bulk. By using less packaging yourself, you will show companies that consumers are aware of the need for smarter packaging and products. 

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