How can buildings make themselves cooler without the air conditioning?



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    One great way to cool down a building in a warmer climate is to use a white roof. It has been shown to “reduce air-conditioning costs by 20 percent or more in hot, sunny weather.” It also only costs about 15 percent more to put on a white roof, so over time it saves a lot of money in addition to cutting back on carbon emissions.

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    Green or living roofs help buildings cooler. They also help buildings stay warmer in the winter. Green roofs can be intensive or extensive depending on how many plants are grown and how deep the soil is. It is possible to also have garden for vegetables in the green roof. In order to build a green roof, you would have to find out what the regulations in your city are and find contractors who know how to install the right layers. This option is more expensive than white roofing (painting your roof white with specific materials so that sunlight is reflected and not absorbed by the roof), but is a more natural and sustainable long-term solution.

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