How can Los Angeles use less power?



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    There are things that individuals and families can do, such as unplugging unused appliances, using less water, making sure your home insulation is efficient, and using solar energy if affordable. 

    The city itself can do things like creating emissions reduction goals, which encourage alternative energy use, creating more bike lanes, and constructing efficient buildings with LEED standards.  All of these will lead to using less power.  Become active in the process!  Call or write your city leaders and encourage them to go green.

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    Before answering, I’d need to know what kind of power Los Angeles uses. If it’s clean power, I’d say, why ask the question? Concentrate, instead, on reducing pollution and greenhouse gases. But if it’s “dirty” power, then due to its location LA is a perfect candidate for solar power, so the solution would be twofold:

    1. Make electricity extremely cheap for people who consume under a certain number of kW, and extremely expensive for those who consume beyond that amount;

    2. Use the money collected from the power wasters to subsidize solar power 100%.

    I guarantee the result.

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