How can schools learn to use less resources?



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    First, make sure the schools are willing to use fewer resources.
    This part shouldn’t be a huge problem: once schools and administrators realize that it really is cost-effective, there won’t be much opposition.
    Depending on the size of the school, and what programs are already in place, having a student project involving edible plants could very well be feasible. Putting the fruit of those endeavors to good use, e.g. as part of the school’s cafeteria food, will help.
    Doing small things, like uploading homework or supplemental materials to the internet and using both sides of a paper, can help as well.
    If a building or benches in the school need to be repainted, and you’re not too picky about the color, some places offer recycled paint for free.
    Encouraging green renovations, e.g. better insulation, etc., will use fewer resources in the long run.
    Make sure students do their part, too. If students themselves use fewer non-sustainable resources (i’m not talking about tutoring-I’m talking about bringing capri-sun’s to school), the quantity of resources used by the larger academic community will decrease.
    Hope that helps!

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    Schools should educate students to reuse materials. Along with reusing materials, the amount of materials required should be less. Use half sheets of paper and both sides. Promote snacks to be fruits and vegetables, or other foods that don’t come in excessive amounts of packaging. Use the chalkboard more or overhead projector instead of passing out worksheets or requiring more book work.

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