How can Laundromats use less water?



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    It occurs to me that wash water could be cycled through several machines before it becomes saturated with dirt and must be discarded. However, users of the laundromat may not appreciate this if they want to use different detergents than other users. Plus, there may be some dyes in the clothes that leach out and stain other clothes, so the laundromat would have to be very careful not to cycle water from a load of colors into a load of whites. This could be done in a large laundromat by assigning water to cycle through the washing machines in a certain order and only allowing users to put whites in the first few washing machines. However, this may not be practical in a small laundromat where there are only a few washing machines and customers want to use one right away because they may want to wash colors when the only vacant washing machines are for whites and vice-versa.

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