How can the Jesus lizard walk on water?



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    Jesus lizards, of the genus Basiliscus, can range in size from 0.1 oz to 7 oz (2-2000 g).  At all sizes, they are able to run across the surface of the water at about 5 feet per second for about 15 feet, at which point they submerge and swim. 

    These lizards are able to accomplish this “miraculous” feat by changing the mechanisms of locomotion.  On the water, the hindleg acts more like a piston, rather than like a spring when on land.  When on water, the lizards’ step begins with a slap phase, in which the foot pushes straight down to the water.  The force generated is enough to keep the lizard above the water while it moves forward by kicking its feet through the water.

    Here’s a kinda cheesy video of it:

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