How can India shrink their carbon footprint but keep their huge IT industry?



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    It is not actually the information technology sector that is causing a huge carbon footprint, but the manufacturing and inefficient living. The intellectual work and their booming call centers and service industry sector is a good direction for India because it is less carbon pollution creating.

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    They could retro fit their buildings to be more energy efficient and if possible carbon neutral.  While the IT industry is a huge part of India’s economy they could benefit from reducing emissions to help reduce the smog.  Solar panels and wind turbines would generate energy, and things like setting the thermostat to higher in the summer and lower in the winter and properly insulating buildings to reduce heat transfer would help lower energy consumption.  There are a lot of retrofits that can be done on buildings to make them more green, and even more advancements that are available for new buildings.  India, and other countries could employ these strategies to help reduce carbon footprints.

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