How can illegal logging be stopped?



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    I would venture to say that affecting the demand for wood sourced from illegally logged forests.  One could argue that changing individual country’s legislature to ban wood from illegally logged forests would be effective, but this is an incredibly difficult process. 

    Alternatively, or perhaps I should say, in the meantime, individual consumers and business can buy from suppliers that have wood bearing the symbol of the Forest Steward Council. This is a group that certifies the sustainability of logged forests so that consumers can have a choice in who’s wood they support.  See the first link to find out where you can find FSC certified wood.

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    There is quite a lot of information available, the site referenced below has information for many different countries and what you can do based on specific legislation or laws in those countries.

    As an individual you can commit to purchasing only legally sourced wood products and additionally, you can make an effort to use less wood overall or sustainable wood products whenever possible.

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    I don’t know that it will ever be stopped. It can be reduced using the methods described by the other users. Also, providing more harsh penalties to those who engage in illegal logging may make them think twice about doing so.

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    One method of helping to end illegal logging is putting measures in place to help keep illegally procured timber out of a country.  For example, the United States put a federal law in place in 2008 that makes it illegal to import or even sell wood if you don’t know where it comes from.  Although this method has certainly helped, it can be very difficult to track a certain log from forest to lumber yard.  Other useful methods include raising consumer awareness about the issues surrounding illegal logging and encouraging consumers to both seek out legally produced timber and question the procurement practices.

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