How can I volunteer to protect endangered animals?



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    There are a number of ways you can volunteer to help endangered animals.  Many of the opportunities exist by taking vacations in areas where there are endangered species and using your time on vacation to help out these animals.  For example, you can vacation in Sri Lanka and volunteer your time while there to help endangered elephants.  For those looking to spend a longer period of time away (greater than 3 weeks), there are programs offering trips to Thailand where volunteers help to care for a number of native Thai species, including the Thai gibbons.  Another program sends volunteers to locations all over the world, some even traveling to Australia to work with their endangered marsupials.  See below for various links to these different programs:

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    Like rn4fldhcky said, the most hands-on way to volunteer is to take a volunteer vacation. has a great list of these trips as well as other ways that you can help. Also, if you are currently enrolled in a college or university in the U.S., you might check with your school to see if they offer an alternative spring break program, which organizes volunteer vacations during spring break. This is probably the cheapest way to do this because they have fundraisers and often get discounts. A quick google search also brings up a few organizations for ASB that are not conducted through universities.

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