How can I use my phone to be green?



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    The best way to be green would be to use your phone for its lifetime, rather than upgrading to a new phone before it’s needed.

    When it’s no longer usable, recycle it. will pay you for your recycled cell phones. They will also plant a tree for every phone they buy!

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    One way you can use your cell phone is by placing a sticker on the back of your phone that supports a certain cause. My phone for example has a “No Fur” sticker on it. This is a great way to catch peoples attention and to support a good cause.

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    The newest way to use your [smart]phone to be green is to use environmental apps. These can help you do anything from calculating your carbon footprint to displaying ‘green’ shopping venues to listing bus routes nearest you. For example, iRecycle, a free iPhone app, will give you information regarding what and where you can recycle certain items.

    Although a majority of these apps are available only for the iPhone or iTouch, some apps such as the carbon footprint calculator Ecorio are available for Android. Currently, the EPA is hosting a contest ending September 16, 2011 to encourage software developers to create even more environmental apps using data collected by the EPA. 

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