How can I use my math degree for the environment?



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    You could get a job doing data analysis for a research laboratory or for a green market research firm. In general data analysis is the only thing that comes to mind that explicitly uses a math degree. If you know anything about computer engineering or meteorology, you could try to invent a program to analyze climate models or predict climate change. You could also try to create some sort of equation about human waste/human impacts.

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    Statistics is used in many different scientific fields across a wide range, from population analysis to rates of climate change, and can be used to help learn new things about the environment.  In addition, it is a hugely important part of many environmentally-related fields of study, such as geology, biology, ecology, and chemistry among others.  Earth science and life science in general also depend a lot on statistics to support arguments, create new hypotheses, and explain new methods for understanding and protecting the environment. 

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