How can I use my blackberry to help me green my commute?



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    There is a Google Maps App for blackberry that can help you find the shortest route for walking, driving, or transit.  This can help you green your commute by shortening your trip or showing you the eco-friendly options of public transportation or walking.

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    Yes you could use your phone to help you plan your route in your car to make it the most efficient drive possible. Or you could take public transportation and check your email or listen to music or surf the web on your phone to entertain yourself while in transit.

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    Google maps also now has a “bike there” option. They announced it at the National Bike Summit in Washington DC on March 10th, and it is a great new resource that can help you in your quest to becoming a more sustainable commuter. The directions avoid hills and excessive traffic when possible and are available throught out the US. Pedal on!

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