How can I use less paper for my business?



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    Use things like instant messaging instead of memos, online bill pay, e-mailed invoices, and other electronic solutions, that will reduce the paper necessary to keep your business running.

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    The best way is to switch to digital in everything you can.  Make appointments online, send invoices online etc.  Even something as simple as not using paper cups and bringing your own water can help.  An electronic filing system would really reduce your paper usage.  Old files just sit in cabinets, and can be recycled after their use has expired.  All of these tips will greatly reduce the paper you use and the longterm expenses of your business.  It will be better for the environment and the efficiency of your business.  

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    Try to use more technology. Send announcements through email or other networking applications. Post things on in a common area where everyone will read the announcement or get an electronic board or computer where you can list important events and meetings.

    Pay your employees through direct deposit and offer electronic payment and paperless billing to your customers.

    When you do use paper, use recycled products to help reduce the impact on the environment.

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    Try getting your employees netbooks or the IPAD. You can than upload special programs or apps for your employees to use. It would not only save the environment, but also make your business more efficient. Also try scanning all your old files and recycling the paper. 

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