How can I use greywater recycling in my home?



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    There are two kinds of wastewater produced by a typical home: greywater (kitchen, shower, sink, washing machine, and laundry waste) and blackwater (toilet and garbage disposal waste). The key to recycling greywater it to keep the two wastewaters SEPARATED. Environmentally speaking the point of reusing greywater is to reuse the soaps, skin particles, shampoo, etc. and keep these “pollutants” out of public waterways. Soaps with phosphates and other cleaning chemicals cause algal blooms in waterways which depletes oxygen levels for fish and other marine life.


    There are many different greywater treatment systems that can be installed in your home:

                1. Anaerobic to aerobic pre-treatment

                2. Aerobic pre-treatment

                3. Planter soilbox design

                4. Water injection without erosion

                5. Gravity/pressure leaching chamber

                6. Outdoor planters

    See this site for  more details on these methods:


    If you are looking for a quick and easy way to reuse greywater, I would suggest the planter soilbox design:


    Planter soilbox design

    Soilboxes have been used for greywater purification since 1975 with excellent results. The planter bed has to be well drained to prevent the formation of a water-logged zone in any part of it. Therefore, its bottom contains a layer of polyethylene “actifill” or pea gravel to provide effective drainage. A layer of plastic mosquito-netting on top of the actifill prevents the next layer of coarse sand from falling through. On top of the coarse sand is a layer of ordinary concrete-mix sand, while the top two feet consist of humus-rich top soil. Clay soils must not be used.



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