How can I use fern gully to help teach my child about the environment?



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    It’s funny you ask about my favorite movie as a child, which did indeed inspire in me the environmental concerns I have harbored throughout my life. The antagonist, Hexxus, can be attributed to oil-drilling, deforestation, pollution, or any other danger to the environment. The most profound impression I remember from the movie is feeling a true, deep, connection with the Earth, finally seeing it as something that is as alive and breathing as we are. Try to help your child understand the interconnectedness of all living beings, and how necessary our environment truly is.

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    I would say let them make their own views of the movie.  Even though they are young they will pick up on the concepts of right and wrong in the film.  As they grow older they will realize the real world collation to the film.  I think the best thing is to show them and let them realize its bad on their own.  

    Still being relatively young, I can tell you that will go much more than you telling them what is right and wrong. 

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    Just giving them the opportunity to watch it is a great teaching gift.  I remember that movie and totally loved it, and don’t remember anyone having to explain it to me.  How old is your child though?  I would do a question and answer session with them afterwards.  Ask them how what their favorite scene is, how they felt about it.  Ask them to imagine what they would do if they were one of the characters.  Get them thinking about it without manipulating a certain direction of thought, just letting them organically draw their own conclusions about it….but prompting them to do so. Have fun! That’s a neat thing to do w/ your kid. 🙂

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