How can I throw a green party?



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    Throw a green party by serving food that is local and sustainable. If you can host the party during the day, try and do so without using much electricity. Encourage people to car pool and if people are bringing appetizers/wine, try and see if there are local businesses that they can support. Make sure cans/bottles get recycled and that materials that people eat off of is recyclable or able to be cleaned. Also, bring up discussion about energy sustainability and try and get people involved with the conversation.

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    Start with planning a menu of locally grown, fresh foods that are USDA Organic. Vegetarian is the best way to go. If you want to provide drinks, choose canned beverages instead of plastic (aluminum is biodegradable). Even better, brew your own organic tea/coffee. Make sure all of your supplies (plates/cups/napkins/etc) are eco-friendly and made from recycled material. Don’t use plastic silverware – use your own! The website below has a bunch of really great party ideas, check it out.

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    Aside from eating local, organic, and vegetarian, setting up clearly marked recycling stations (and composting!) and using biodegradable throw aways are important. Minimizing the use of electronics (do people really to be watching TV during a party?) and not blasting music are also important. When cooking, make sure to be efficient with the oven, the stove, and the refrigerator by being strategic about when and how you are cooking.

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