How can I tell if a snake is male of female?



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    Sexing a snake requires delicate handling of the creature; it is nearly impossible to do when just sighting one in the wild. If you’ve never done it before, it is best to bring a snake to the vet to learn the sex, as an improper method can hurt the animal. A clue, however, is whether the tail tapers evenly at the end (female) or remains thick toward the end of the snake, then suddenly gets very thin (male). The two more certain methods are called popping and probing; both attempt to find the hemipenes, the male sex organs.

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    Snakes reproductive organs are internal, so visually telling apart males and females is difficult but not impossible.  Often you can tell by tale shape:  males have longer, thicker tales that taper less evenly to the tip (not an even gradually thinning out).  A female’s is just the opposite.  This method requires having both a male and female snake at hand.  This seems to be one of the only visual ways to distinguish between the two.


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