How can I tell if a raccoon is rabid?

I have a family of raccoons in my backyard, but one has recently been around during the day



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    Here are some of the symptoms you should look for: 

    1. unprovoked aggression (“furious” rabies). Some animals may attack anything that moves, or even inanimate objects.
    2. unusual friendliness (“dumb” rabies).
    3. animal may stumble, fall, appear disoriented or uncoordinated, or wander aimlessly.
    4. paralysis, often beginning in the hind legs or throat. Paralysis of the throat muscles can cause the animal to bark, whine, drool, choke, or froth at the mouth.
    5. vocalizations ranging from chattering to shrill screams.
    6. nocturnal animals may become unusually active during the day (remember, some daytime activity is normal, especially when nocturnal animals are feeding their young).
    7. raccoons walk as if they’re on very hot pavements.
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    You will notice that the raccoon is acting very strangely. It may not be able to walk in a straight line and may stagger about. It will likely have white foam coming out of the corner of its mouth. The animal may seem very aggressive. If you are in doubt of whether the raccoon may be sick, it is best to stay away and call an animal control agent.

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