How can I tell if a product is green washed before I buy it?



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    This is a great question. One of the first things you look at is the it plastic? recycled plastic or some other sustainable material? Second thing I would look at is does the company have a charitable giving program? Does the product provide a solution to an environmental issue? Do their devlivery rigs run on biofuels? How is the product made? Is it made in a sweat shop or are the workers equitably paid? Usually, you can tell the answers to these questions quickly and that will help you determine if it’s green washing propoganda or is it genuine

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    In general, when buying a product – possibly greenwashed or not – try to be aware of its ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, where it is coming from, etc. I know this is not easy because this information is not always readily available, but knowing this information is how you will best be able to discern if a product is truly as green as possible.

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