How can I tell if the paper I am using is recyclable?



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    Much depends on the region you live in and what types of paper they will take as recyclables.  Check with whoever is responsible for collecting recycling in your area and that should help get you answers.

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    Most ordinary household paper can be recycled.

    The following types of paper can be recycled with ease:

    • Cardboard,
    • Construction Paper
    • Newspaper
    • Magazines (remove staples)
    • Circular advertisements in magazines
    • Computer paper
    • Copy paper

    Other types of paper can be recycled as well such as envelopes with plastic windows, you just need to remove the windows before you recycle them.  The problem is that none of the paper can be contaminated with food stains, or else it cannot be recycled (like pizza boxes).  Always check with your local recycling agency to confirm what types of paper are recyclable.

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