How can I tell if my food is local or not?



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    The easiest way (apart from growing your own!) is to buy food directly from the people who produce it. That way you know it’s local (unless the growers have traveled thousands of miles just to sell their stuff, which is unusual and unlikely).

    Failing that, fruit often has stickers detailing the state or country of origin. Stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have recently made much more of an effort to label where their produce comes from. Keep an eye and an ear out, use your common sense (e.g. bananas in the US in midwinter are probably not local), and you’ll probably get a good idea of what is locally grown.

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    The best way to make sure you are buying locally grown food is by buying it at a farmers market. These are markets that are settup once or twice weekly at a designated location, where local food merchants come to sell their products. Thiese markets are commonly found in cities across America.


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