how can i tell if my fruit really is organic?



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    You can tell if a fruit is organic by its PLU code which is the identification number of the fruit. The identification code will tell you if the fruit is organic, genetically modified or conventionally grown. First of all, count the number of digits on the sticker. An organic product has a number of five digits starting with the number nine. A conventionally grown product will have four digits and will start with a four. Finally, a genetically modified product wiill have fived digits on its PLU code and will start with an eight.

    Here is an example.

    So remember to always check the PLU code if you want to know if a product is organic or not. Also, to tell by taste, genetically modified vegetables and fruits usually contain more water and less flavor while organic fruits are more dense with more flavor.

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    Some food items can be misplaced in grocery stores or mislabeled as organic by manufacturers.  However, all organic produce is required to be labeled as such by the USDA.  Check the PLU label on any produce you buy – conventionally grown produce will have a PLU code that is 4 digits long.  Organic produce will have a 5 digit code beginning with 9 (ie: 94015), and genetically modified produce will have a 5 digit code beginning with 8.  

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