How can I tell if my dog is sick?



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    Sometimes when dogs are sick, their nose will feel dry, their heads might feel warm, and they can be less active. More serious symptoms will include vomiting, coughing, lack of energy, dullness of their coat, and sometimes even seizures. See below for other symptoms. 

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    If you are worried about the health of your pet, the best thing I can suggest is taking your dog to the vet.  Some signs of illness include lethargy, not eating or drinking like normal, and gum color.  If the gums are pink, your dog is doing fine.  If they are white, or any other odd color, this could be a sign of internal bleeding.  But if you any concerns whatsoever, feel free to contact your vet. 

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    Another important factor to consider is the dog’s behavior.  Typically your dog will behave differently than usual.  In some cases, dogs avoid contact with their owners and retreat to a corner or behind furniture.  If you notice strange behavior like this, make an appointment with your vet immediately to have your dog checked out.  Don’t assume the behaviors are only a phase. 

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