How can I tell if my cats have fleas?



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    Usually, the only signs of fleas on animals are scratching, licking and the presence of brownish ‘flea dirt’ in the pet’s coat. Try checking your cat for fleas by brushing its fun with a special fine-toothed flea comb. “The teeth of the comb are so close together that the flea cannot fit between them and is pulled from the fur when the comb is used.” It’s important to know that only a small proportion of the flea population is actually on a pet at any one time – the eggs, larvae and pupae (cocoons) are actually found on the ground. Once you have confirmed the presence of fleas, there are many good on-animal and area-based products designed to remove the flea problem.

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    If you run your hand against the grain of their hair on the back of their neck in order to expose the skin, you can check for flea dust (little black specks). You could also flip your cat over and check it’s belly- the hair is thinner on it’s stomach so it is easier to see if there are fleas jumping around on them.

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