how can i study for the exam



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    First, don’t cram; spread out your studying.  Writing down the information seems to help me memorize things, so I suggest that.  And make sure to get plenty of sleep!

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    Here are some studying tips:

    • Always review material right after class. 
    • Don’t cram right before an exam. Space it out
    • Start by studying the most important information
    • Take short breaks frequently.

    Click the link for more tips. Hope this helps!


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    There are many different strategies for different types of tests.  If it involves memorization you could make flashcards.  If it is a spelling test, I would recommend writing each word out several times.  If it is a test that requires solving problems, work through the examples and problems in your book.  Lastly, for all tests, make sure to set some time aside to study where you will not be interrupted and can completely focus (make sure to turn the TV off).

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    It depends on your learning style.  Everyone has different methods that work better for them…there are auditory learners, visual learners, hands-on learners…the best thing you can do is analyze how you learn best and incorporate that style into your own studying.  If it’s auditory, then record lectures or read outlout into a recorder and play it back.  If it’s visual, create pictures to match the concepts or pay attention to placements of words….make patterns if possible.

    Additionally, it’s good to have a hard candy because it stimulates brain activity.  Studying before you sleep helps solidify information, and is more retrievable when you’re well rested.

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    Make sure to sleep on it. Sleeping after studying greatly increases retention.

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