How can I stop postal junk mail?



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    You can contact the Direct Marketing Association at 1-800-620-3975. There are a few really good ideas on the websites I’ve attached. Junkmail is often overlooked as an environmental hazard but it is an issue that should be addressed with seriousness. Before you go nailing your mailbox shut for good, check out these tips.

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    The article link below has other phone numbers to try:  numbers specifically for stopping Pre-approved Credit Card and Insurance Offers, List Brokers, Direct Marketing Association (this is a website, not a phone number), Catalogues (this is an email address, not a phone number), Resident” and “Occupant” Mailings, and Prizes and Sweepstakes.  Yes, each one of these is a different phone number. 

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    In addition to the actions taken to stop the junk mail you currently are receiving, you can also take future precautions to prevent them from coming:

    Never give your your address unless for official purposes (DMV, bank, etc.)

    As tempting as it is, do not sign up for mail catalogs.

    Never give your address out to retail businesses.

    Always read online forms that require you to give your address. Sometimes there are texts that are easily looked over. For example: there could be some pre-checked boxes that enable the company to send you promotional mail that you may have had to uncheck yourself.

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