How can I stop crab grass from growing in my yard?



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    Crabgrass loves sun and moisture, and prospers in lawns with a lot of direct sunlight.  While you can’t really do much about the way the sun hits your lawn, you can let your grass grow a little bit taller.  Taller grass provides a little more shade over the crabgrass seedlings, making conditions less favorable for them to grow.  Also, make sure your lawnmower blades are sharp.  Dull blades hurt grass, and it will need to use more energy to repair itself, leaving little leftover for nourishing the roots, creating bald patches in your lawn which are great places for crabgrass to flourish.  If you already have crabgrass, remember that it dies.  Next year, buy an herbicide in the spring containing Siduron, which will prevent the dormant seeds from germinating while not affecting your desired lawn grass.  Do it when it starts to get nice out—crabgrass will start to germinate in 60 degree weather.

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    The easiest and most effective way to rid your lawn of crabgrass is to manually pull out the weeds in yout lawn. Some people have claimed they were successful in killing crabgrass by sprinkling baking soda on it, althought, many people also say this technique proved to be ineffective. There are organic pesticides available, such as Gardenweasel. You can also make similar products at home. Making a mixture similar to Garden Weasel should be effective. Go for mostly corn and wheat flour as they are already a weed inhibitor. The flour will also help adhere to the weed once it gets wet. Mix a cup of the flour a few tablespoons each of the cumin, baking soda, and cinnamon bark. Wet the weed down and sprinkle the mixture on the weed and start watching for some wilting.

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    Crabgrass starts growing when the temperature reaches the mid fifties, so you can spray an herbicide beginning in mid-April (but make sure to use corn gluten because it is organic. Vinegar can also be used). Make sure your lawn mower blades aren’t dull. You may just have to go out every couple of weeks and make sure to pull up all the weeds and crabgrass.

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